Growth 500: Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Introducing the Growth 500

Since 1989, the Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies program has been the country’s most prestigious celebration of entrepreneurial achievement, ranking ambitious and dynamic businesses on five-year revenue growth and telling their stories of success. To celebrate 30 years of the program, we are rebranding what was once known as the PROFIT 500 to the Growth 500 ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. Read more here!

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Key Lessons from Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies:

How to grow your exports beyond the usual-suspect countries

Geopolitical uncertainty has motivated many exporters to look beyond traditional trading partners. It’s not just a savvy hedge—it’s a major growth play

How to get your employees to think more like entrepreneurs

When employees start thinking like owners, it can transform a business. Here’s how to create a workplace where ‘intrapreneurs’ flourish

How to turn your brilliant idea into an actual business

Great ideas are a dime a dozen. As the booming firms on this year’s STARTUP 50 ranking know, success only really comes after the ‘aha’ moment

How to turn social media engagement into real sales

Social media is great for audience engagement and brand awareness, but it takes a special touch to translate buzz into revenue

PROFIT 500: Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Meet some 2017 PROFIT 500 winners:

PROFIT 500: No. 001

How construction firm Gillam Group became Canada’s Fastest-Growing Company

In an industry not known for innovation, Gillam Group used a good reputation and creative problem-solving to stand apart

PROFIT 500: No. 072

Vets to Go is a hit with time-starved pet owners (and their furry friends)

Early on, Vets To Go earned a reputation for compassionate in-home care. It’s grown to become a one-stop shop for pets and those who love them

PROFIT 500: No. 082

Bioastra Technologies uses open innovation to help firms outsource R&D

Sumitra Rajagopalan was a materials scientist who wanted to solve real-world problems. Now she solves them for clients using an emergent business model

PROFIT 500: No. 103

Diva International grew by leading the mainstreaming of menstrual cups

Long beloved by health nuts and hippies, reusable menstrual products have gone mass-market, thanks to the relentless work of Diva’s mother-daughter duo

PROFIT 500: No. 171

Canada Goose’s global success is built on its “made in Canada” roots

Defying all logic, the ubiquitous Canada Goose is more popular than ever, thanks to the firm’s concerted strategy to remain an anti-fashion fashion brand

PROFIT 500: No. 190

How First Light Technologies taps its customers to make a better product

This Victoria-based manufacturer of LED lighting started by looking at customers’ frustrations with existing technology and built from there

STARTUP 50: Canada’s Top New Growth Companies

STARTUP 50: No. 01

How Strawhouse helps clients cut through the noise of digital marketing

This Kelowna, B.C.-based startup became Canada’s Top New Growth Company by helping clients get really big, really fast

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