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INFOGRAPHIC: The global landscape of cybercrime is shifting

As cyberattacks from the U.S., India and China decline, a new group of countries is stepping up

Ever since Edward Snowden released his trove of NSA secrets, the world has been preoccupied with hackers’ political motivations. But most of them couldn’t care less about your politics: they’re after your wallet. “The majority of cybercrime is still financially oriented,” says Kevin Haley, director of Symantec Security Response. He puts the odds of a small business being targeted at 1 in 5. The attacks come from all over, but some countries excel at a particular type of hacking, according to Symantec’s recently released annual Internet Security Threat Report. The map below shows the year-over-year growth or decline in specific kinds of attacks—like phishing attacks originating in Canada or spam from Russia. Interestingly, the usual suspects, like India and China, are on the decline, leaving an opening for the rising stars of Internet mischief, such as Russia and Vietnam.