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INFOGRAPHIC: Just how big are Canada’s free trade deals?

A flurry of new free-trade deals has opened up opportunities worldwide. But NAFTA still reigns

Canada has always been a trading nation. Increasingly, it is a free-trading one. Thanks to recent agreements with South Korea and the European Union, around 80% of Canada’s trade will soon be tariff-free. Those negotiations made the news, but with 10 deals in place, two more signed but not yet in effect, 12 under negotiation and three in preliminary discussions, it’s tough to keep track of them all.

To help you keep them straight, we’ve graphed the relative value of every deal—whether it’s in force, announced or in negotiation—along with each country’s largest import from Canada and its largest export to us. Looking for coffee? Columbia is the place to go. Have an excess of fertilizer? Send that down to Honduras. With more deals coming, the opportunities are only set to increase.

Infographic showing comparative size of Canada’s free trade deals