These provinces are most popular with Canadian job seekers

But not everyone wants to leave home

For Canadians looking for work outside their home province, one in particular is capturing the most interest from job hunters in the country. With its booming resource industry, you might have guessed that Alberta is the most commonly searched province for work opportunities in Canada.

This is all according to Canadian job site Workopolis, which just released new data illustrating the prevalence of out-of-province job hunting in the country. An infographic demonstrating their findings has been reproduced below:


The graphic shows the percentage of Workopolis users in each province who are searching for work away from home. The arrows point to which provinces they’re most interested in. The three Maritime provinces (Nova Scotia, P.E.I. and New Brunswick) seem to like Ontario as well as Alberta. Newfoundland and Labradorians, however, are looking to stay closer to home, preferring nearby New Brunswick.

The largest percentages of out-of-province job searches are coming from up north. Nunavut has the highest rate of out-of-province Workopolis job searches in the country, at a staggering 87%.

Ontarians, interestingly, display the highest amount of trepidation when it comes to looking for work outside their province. Just 6% of the job searches conducted by Ontarians on Workopolis have parameters set to look somewhere other than Ontario for work. Of those searches, the highest number are looking to find a job in Alberta. Albertans aren’t too far behind either – just 7% are conducting out-of-province job searches, and most are looking to trade places with Manitobans.

Workopolis president Kelly Dixon says her company has taken on the task of trying to educate Canadians, particularly Ontarians and other eastern residents, about opportunities for work outside their province. The company is “trying to generate some mobility to places where there are great employment options,” Dixon says.

Ontario, for example, has been relatively slow in creating new jobs over the last year, but Ontarians have continued to choose their local job market over opportunities elsewhere. In the coming months Workopolis will be unveiling a special project about Saskatchewan in order to create more awareness of career and “lifestyle opportunities” in other parts of Canada.