Many Canadian women feel conflicted about their careers, survey finds

While women are making advances in many workplaces, a new Chatelaine survey turns up many of the same old barriers

Our colleagues at Chatelaine today unveiled This is 40(ish), a comprehensive survey of 1,000 Canadian women aged 35 to 45, to better understand their attitudes and aspirations across all areas of their lives. One area of the sweeping survey relevant to Canadian Business readers is the section on jobs and careers. The overall picture is mixed: women continue to make inroads in workplaces of all kinds but are still running up against the same old barriers too: a lack of clear career advancement opportunities and an unfair pay gap.

Fully half the women surveyed by Chatelaine work full time, with an additional 12% working part time and 6% being self-employed. Probably the most disheartening result is this question, about whether respondents felt they were measuring up to their career goals. While 43% said they were satisfied, slightly more, 44%, said they were behind where they expected to be.


What accounts for that feeling? There’s no single barrier to pin the blame on, although “lack of opportunities” gets cited the most often.


One thing is slightly clearer: most respondents feel that they’re not compensated adequately for their work.

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There’s plenty more about the This Is 40(ish) project over at Chatelaine. Check out the full survey!