A Guide to Exporting to the United States

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In December 2012, we predicted that Canadians also can tap into a $330-billion and growing export market in the United States. Among Canada’s strongest exports: outsourced research, manufacturing and clinical-trial management to the U.S. life-sciences industry; information-security and e-learning tech to governments and IT firms; and efficiency technologies for water-supply systems in drought-prone areas.

Canadian businesses of all sizes should be looking at selling their products or services abroad (Read 5 Reasons to Sell Your Product Overseas) but the United States is still one of our best trading partners.

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service has a useful guide for those looking to export to the United States, or those who already are but would like to do more business south of the border.

It provides information and tips related to:

  • tools you can use to analyze U.S. markets and their characteristics;
  • the effects of NAFTA on Canadian exporters;
  • financing your exports to the U.S.;
  • managing cross-border travel;
  • border security and its effects on Canadian exporters; and
  • U.S. Customs procedures and regulations, and how to deal with them.
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