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The Feud: Lois Pope vs Paul Pope

The conflict: When a heart attack felled National Enquirer founder Generoso Pope in 1988, his will instructed that the popular weekly tabloid be sold. Roughly half of the US$412.5-million proceeds flowed to wife Lois, with US$20 million going to his son, Paul. But Paul claimed an updated, missing will granted him control of the Enquirer. “I was definitely screwed out of what was rightfully mine,” he said.


The fallout: Paul squandered US$6 million on a tell-all book about his family. Lois sued her son in 2006, claiming he failed to repay loans. Paul counter-sued, saying he was promised $1 million a year, plus a mansion. Fed up with requests for handouts, Lois filed a restraining order against him in April. On his blog, Paul continues to hurl scandalous assertions of the sort all too familiar to Enquirer readers.