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The Feud: Frank Stronach vs Heinz-Christian Strache

The skin game

The conflict: On the campaign trail for Austria’s upcoming election, 80-year-old Frank Stronach doffed his shirt for a photo op, declaring that he needn’t be ashamed of his body. Rival candidate Heinz-Christian Strache, 42, responded with a Facebook photo in which he’s flexing, and wearing that skimpy variety of swimsuit favoured by European men. The caption: “Top fit in the election campaign!”


The outcome: Austrian political experts are debating the implications of the candidates’ brazen displays of masculinity. Stronach was confident enough to let his belly sag over the waistband of his jeans, believing his smooth, doughy chest would sway voters to entrust him with Austria’s future. Strache, in contrast, is considerably more toned and tanned. The voters will decide on Sept. 29.