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Lululemon CEO says NHL players are secretly wearing her underwear

Sponsorships necessitate underwear cover-up: Day

Lululemon Athletica's 'Game On' underwear

Lululemon CEO Christine Day says NHL players are secretly stocking up on her company’s underwear, such as the “Game On” line, seen here. (Courtesy Lululemon)

Lululemon is the secret underwear of choice for most NHL players, according to company CEO Christine Day. Speaking at a Toronto Region Board of Trade luncheon Friday, Day claimed that hockey stars are flocking to the yoga-pant maker’s new line of boxer briefs—they just can’t talk about it in public because of pre-existing sponsorship deals.

Day told reporters after the luncheon that Lululemon started sending out free samples to teams after hearing that some players were into their ginch. The company then surveyed the teams involved “and they told us that they loved the Lululemon underwear,” Day said.

Listen. I get it. Good underwear makes good hockey sense. I quit playing when I was 10, and even then finding something comfortable to wear beneath the pads was a challenge. I don’t want to imagine the kind of friction a full-grown, say, Dustin Byfuglien, builds up during a playoff game.

Day wouldn’t name any specific players who wear the shorts—she said she didn’t want to get them in trouble with their sponsors—so we really only have the company’s word to go on here.

She did, however, get into this amusing exchange with a reporter from the Toronto Star:

Reporter: “Are you talking about jock straps?”

Day: “No, no, no. I don’t know what they wear for that. But we do know that we have a lot of players who wear our men’s underwear.”

Reporter: “So you’re not making jock straps.”

Day: “No, we don’t make jock straps.”

Crowd: “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.”

(For the record, the product Day was talking about the was Game On Boxer Brief, an item Lululemon’s website describes as “snug with a bit of stretch so when we’re practicing our slam-dunk we don’t worry about bouncing junk.”)