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Canada may run out of Doritos Tacos within weeks: Nowak

If it does, expect another backlash


Canadian fans of Taco Bell’s Doritos Tacos Locos – and you know I’m one of ‘em – better eat them up fast (or maybe not?) as they could soon disappear from the chain’s restaurants here.

A Doritos insider – and yes, I’m being completely serious – tells me the Canadian arm of the chain has been caught unawares of just how much demand there is for the devilishly delicious tacos, to the point where supplies of the nacho cheese-flavoured shells are running low. My informant tells me Taco Bell ordered a million shells to start with, which, at the current rate of consumption, will run out within three weeks, or early November. Doritos Tacos Locos would then drop off the menu until some time in 2014.

Veronica Castillo, marketing manager for Yum Brands in Canada, confirms that the DLTs are indeed limited-time items, although she wouldn’t say how much supply is left. “We’re working really hard to secure enough product to make it a permanent item,” she says. “I can’t say we’re going to run out soon. We’re in good shape.”

Taco Bell started selling the Doritos items in Canada in September, more than a year and a half after they launched in the United States. The product was so successful there, Taco Bell credited it with the creation of 15,000 new jobs in 2012. Two new flavours, Cool Ranch and Fiery, were added this year.

Castillo says the DLT has been just as successful in Canada, with Yum looking to add at least one of the additional flavours to menus next year.

Fast-food chains, especially the Canadian arms of U.S. parents, often launch new products here on a limited-time basis since it gives them the opportunity to assess whether they’ll perform well in a market that can be different. Yet, given the DLT’s huge success south of the border and the vocal complaints on social media, Yum probably should have expected similar demand in Canada.

The DLT launched here with a humourous campaign. Canadians who expressed their anger about the holdout via social media were forced to literally eat their words as their complaints were laser-etched into tacos.

The press release heralding the Canadian arrival did have the caveat that the tacos would be available “while supplies last,” but if that supply does run out, expect a new wave of anger from fans.