The Feud: Frank Shaw vs. Google

Microsoft's PR likes talking trash on Twitter. Hopefully he can take criticism in return.


THE CONFLICT: Microsoft’s uppity PR head loves to talk trash on Twitter. Recently, noting Google’s decision to discontinue its personal web portal service, iGoogle, Shaw pointed to a Pinterest page called Google Graveyard, showcasing many of the search giant’s failures, including Lively, One Pass, Jaiku, Google Wave and Google Buzz.

THE OUTCOME: Not one day before Shaw started digging up e-corpses, Microsoft took a US$6.2-billion writedown on its purchase of digital ad company aQuantive. This prompted Time’s Harry McCracken to point out Shaw’s lack of clothes and create a Microsoft Morgue on Pinterest, featuring such shuttered products as Windows Live, Bing, Encarta and Zune—all arguably higher-profile failures than anything Google has come up with.