Outlook 2010

What does the future have in store? Canadian Business presents expert insight on the 10 questions that will define the markets and the economy in the months ahead.

Outlook 2010: Is the recovery for real?
The economy is growing again, but there’s reason to worry the better times won’t last.

Outlook 2010: When will the job market rebound?
While employment is rising, in a few key sectors the losses look permanent.

Outlook 2010: Is this a real estate boom or a bubble?
Housing prices have been defying gravity, but 2010 may bring back some sanity.

Outlook 2010: What’s next for the loonie?
The dollar looks likely to remain strong for a while now. But does it really matter?

Outlook 2010: Are the deficits here to stay?
As Ottawa trims to tackle the fiscal hole, what America does might matter more.

Outlook 2010: Is America really insolvent?
The decline of U.S. financial and moral clout is grim news for Canada.

Outlook 2010: Is China now in the driver’s seat?
Think the Middle Kingdom is the new economic superpower? It’s not even close.

Outlook 2010: What happens when stimulus ends?
Public money is fueling the economy. When will big business take over?

Outlook 2010: How will climate change issues affect business?
On climate change, Copenhagen was just an interim step. Next stop: Toronto.

Outlook 2010: Can this bull market continue?
Stocks have soared in recent months, but reaching new highs may take a while.