Now Hear This

Canadian business leaders speak their minds on today's most important issues.

Now Hear This

Canadian business leaders speak their minds on today’s most important issues.

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Now Hear This

John Risley, former chairman of Clearwater Seafoods Income Fund
On a strategy for remaking Atlantic Canada from have-not to have.



Savino DiPasquale, CIO, GlaxoSmithKline Inc.
On how the new breed of IT specialist can also talk business strategy.

Dave Wilson, VP of Agfa HealthCare in Canada
On what Canada must do to meet the challenges around health care.

Isadore Sharp, founder and CEO, Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels
On his childhood, knowing not all that much about hotels and how he makes the big decisions.

George Gosbee, CEO and president, Tristone Capital Inc.
On the Canadian federal government making the right budgetary decisions during the current economic crisis.

Lorenzo Donadeo, CEO and president, Vermilion Energy Trust
On public trust and why private profit should also be made to serve the public good.

Fiona Macfarlane, Americas chief operating officer, tax, Ernst & Young
The E&Y executive explains the bottom-line benefits of welcoming immigrants to the workforce and how best to do it.

Galen G. Weston, executive chairman, Loblaw Cos. Ltd.
The head of Loblaw Cos., and one of Canada’s richest men, explains why social responsibility doesn’t have to be a victim of recessionary cost-cutting.


Paul Lavoie, co-founder, ad agency Taxi
Hewers of wood and drawers of water? Ad man Paul Lavoie says Canada can do better in its image-making on the world stage.

Robert Coghlan, owner, Coghlan’s Ltd.
There’s a largely untapped employment resource out there, says Robert Coghlan, owner of Coghlan’s Ltd., a Winnipeg-based supplier of camping equipment. He tells Andy Holloway why using disabled people is no handicap.

Terry Matthews, technology entrepreneur
On how innovation isn’t high enough on the government’s agenda and why it’s going to cost Canada in the long run.

Deryk King, CEO, Direct Energy
On climate change and what business can do to meet the new reality.

Andrew Oland, CEO, Moosehead Breweries Ltd.
On the state of manufacturing in Canada and how industry can survive.

Tony Chapman, founder, Capital C Communications
What does it take for a nation to compete globally? The head of a respected Toronto marketing firm sounds the clarion call with an impassioned plea for a Canadian national strategy.