In Canada they trust—but not in Asia:a survey reveals corporate reputations around the world

A survey reveals corporate reputations around the world

Americans trust Canadian companies more than their own–and much more than people in Canada trust U.S. corporations. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, a public-relations firm's global survey of 1,500 opinion leaders, more than 80% of Americans trust Canadian companies to “do the right thing,” but the majority of Canadians–like Europeans–don't reciprocate. In China and Japan, however, Canadian reputations fared worse. It's not that they get a particularly bad rap, though. It's just that Canadian firms are less well-known than other western corporations. The lesson: modesty will get you nowhere.

Do you trust global companies headquartered in the following countries to do what is right?

Canadian “Yes” Responses

Canada 78%

United States 49%

United Kingdom 71%

Germany 69%

Japan 69%

France 60%

American “Yes” Responses

Canada 81%

United States 79%

United Kingdom 80%

Japan 72%

Germany 67%

France 40%

Chinese “Yes” Responses

United States 64%

Canada 48%

Germany 61%

United Kingdom 59%

France 53%

Japan 41%

Japanese “Yes” Responses

United States 58%

Canada 48%

Japan 79%

Germany 66%

United Kingdom 60%

France 55%

European “Yes” Responses

Canada 73%

United States 46%

Germany 77%

Japan 68%

United Kingdom 65%

France 64%

source: edelman