Fall Outlook: Our predictions for 2012's final quarter

The most important business issues, events and trends you'll face in the months to come.


Prediction #1
Canada’s housing crash begins
In just one year, Vancouver house prices have dropped by 12%, and unit sales are plummeting in both Vancouver and Toronto. How the meltdown will play out this fall.


Prediction #2
Grocery prices are about to rise (infographic)
The drought in the U.S. will cause a 3% to 4% average price jump. But the big hits won’t be when and where you expect.


Prediction #3
Facebook’s stock will get its groove back
The social network is chasing new ways to profit from mobile devices that should reassure skeptical investors.


Prediction #4
The United States will retreat from its ‘fiscal cliff’
Lawmakers will prevent the worst, with a Band-Aid fix.


Prediction #5
The eurozone will bail out Spain
With no leverage remaining to bargain with its union partners, Spain will finally agree to further austerity demands.


Prediction #6
Digital wallets are about to take off, for real this time
New payment apps will turn smartphones into credit cards.