Bio: Margot Micallef

The entrepreneur, lawyer and philanthropist on the Canadian broadcasting system, the CRTC and the joy of ranching.

Margot Micallef • Born March 3, 1959, in Valetta, Malta • Entrepreneur • rancher • Lawyer • philanthropist

1984 – Graduates from the University of British Columbia with a degree in law. Practises in Vancouver for nearly 10 years.

1993 – Moves to Edmonton to work for Shaw Communications; climbs the ladder from general counsel to senior vice-president.

2003 – Founds Oliver Capital Partners Inc., a wide-ranging private-equity and M&A advisory firm.

2003 – Starts Hollywood Foods Inc., a healthy-pasta manufacturer. Sets up Subway Developments 2000 Inc. five years later.

2004 – Founds Vista Radio Ltd., a broadcaster that now includes 25 radio stations in B.C., Alberta and the Northwest Territories.