Barack Obama comes to Canada

Canadian Business Online examines the significance of the new U.S. president's trip to Ottawa.

U.S. President Barack Obama made Canada his first official foreign destination when he met Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Ottawa on February 19. Canadian Business Online examines what issues were at the top of the leaders’ agendas and what — if any — effect this quick conference will have on the main issues affecting both sides of the border.

Read our in-depth coverage:

Obama visit: Energy a hot topic

Oil, syncrude and the environment were high on the agenda when the new U.S. president met with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Trade: Unsticking the border

Restrictions and new fees have slowed traffic across the Canada-U.S. border. Will the new president help speed it up?

Harper: Driving an auto discussion

Two subjects Stephen Harper was intent on discussing with Barack Obama were the ailing car sector and the contentious Buy American clause in the U.S. president’s newly minted stimulus plan.