Lara Lavi responds to Robert Thompson’s story A Dirge For Death Row.

Thank you for inviting me to formally respond to Mr. Thompson’s article regarding Wideawake Deathrow Entertainment LLC entitled Music: A dirge for Death Row.

1. For the record I never hired an investigator to investigate Wideawake Deathrow’s current president John Payne, as the other side in this case has alleged.

2. Mr. Thompson’s article failed to mention that it is undisputed by the parties that I have a fairly significant equity interest of at least 1/3 if not more of both the Canadian and US companies at stake here. Minority shareholder oppression and constructive dismissal issues are serious in Canada and the US. These are issues yet to be litigated in this case. My hope is to avoid litigation and still attempt a win ??? win with Mr. Ovenden and his delegates.

3. Mr. Thompson’s story fails to point out that in fact neither individual who provided affidavits against me in Mr. Ovenden’s original application with the Canadian court are actually employees of Wideawake or Deathrow. Both of these women are or were consultants. There are at least 10 actual employees and/or full time consultants I worked with on a day to day basis who categorically declined submitting an adverse affidavit. As the CEO/President of the companies I had the responsibility to hire and if necessary fire employees and consultants whose job performance is not sufficient because my responsibility was to do what is in the best interest of the company. Anyone who knows me knows that I am aggressive in business as I should be but I also care deeply for the welfare of my current and past loyal employees. Sadly it is true that when women are tough in business they are often labeled as being something negative.

4. The issues I raised with both the New York and Canadian courts are serious business issues. Your reporter, Mr. Thompson failed to report that New Solutions charges monthly fees which are significantly higher than Deathrow and Wideawake’s combined monthly operating budget.

5. Mr. Thompson’s article does not provide balanced information regarding accusations made by Mr. Ovenden’s delegates regarding a bank account I set up in December 2007. In fact this account was a corporate account NOT a personal account which ended up being used solely for petty cash.. The account never had on average more than $100 in it.

6. Mr. Thompson’s article states that my time in leadership may have damaged the business. On what grounds? Allegations and interim orders are all Mr. Thompson has used. He provides no market analysis, no sales reports and no listings of retail market share. In fact, as I have stated in court, the lender here, who is also asserting a majority shareholder position, interfered with my ability to properly manage the Deathrow Assets. Thankfully North American consumers appear to have a consistent and steady appetite for the classic music of Deathrow which should bring predictable positive cash flow. This asset can do tremendously better if properly managed and marketed, the artists deserve better, the fans deserve better.

Thank you again for the opportunity to respond to Mr. Thompson’s article so that a more balanced message can be given to the interested public.


Lara Lavi, Esq