Transport Canada uses new power to beef up Nissan SUV recall notice

OTTAWA – Transport Canada is using a brand-new power to order Nissan Canada to take stronger steps to notify certain vehicle owners about a potentially dangerous defect.

The safety issue applies to owners of 2005 and 2006 Nissan X-Trail models and involves a defect in the fuel reservoir filler pipe coating, which the agency says could result in dangerous fuel leaks if left unrepaired.

Although the 22,245 SUVs involved were recalled by Nissan in 2014, the department says it’s worried that the defect hasn’t been corrected in enough of the vehicles and that the company isn’t doing enough to warn owners.

The order requires Nissan to identify and contact the current owners of the X-Trail models by using vehicle registration information, with the company footing the costs.

Nissan will also have to send Transport Canada quarterly reports on the progress of this recall.

The department says it believes that notifying current owners will result in more recall work being completed on the affected vehicles.

It’s the first time the new power, known as a subsequent notice order, has been used since it became law last year.

Consumers can find out if any vehicle has been recalled by visiting, by contacting their vehicle manufacturer, or their local dealer, the department said.

Transport Minister Marc Garneau said he’ll use the power again if needed.

“I remain very concerned that Nissan is not doing enough to inform affected owners of this important recall,” he said in a statement.