States with the biggest changes in jobless aid applications, and some reasons, at a glance

The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits fell 3,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 336,000, which suggests that layoffs remain low and that hiring will likely remain steady.

Here are the states with the biggest increases and decreases in applications. The state-level data are for the week ended Feb. 8, one week behind the national level data:

States with the biggest increases:

Georgia: Up 7,229, due to layoffs in manufacturing, construction, administrative services, trade, health care and social assistance industries

North Carolina: Up 1,347, due to layoffs in business services

South Carolina: Up 1,292, due to layoffs in manufacturing

Alabama: Up 1,191, due to layoffs in construction, administrative services and manufacturing

California: Up 1,145, no reason given

Kansas: Up 1,035, no reason given

Washington: Up 1,019, due to layoffs in agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, construction and information services

States with the biggest decreases:

New York: Down 2,721, due to fewer layoffs in construction, manufacturing and retail

Ohio: Down 2,348, due to fewer layoffs in manufacturing

New Jersey: Down 2,035, due to fewer layoffs in construction, administrative services, health care and manufacturing

Connecticut: Down 1,149, no reason given

New Hampshire: Down 1,146, no comment

Pennsylvania: Down 1,117, due to fewer layoffs in construction, retail and administrative services