Sonya Meloff


Sonya Meloff, 34
Founder & President, Sales Talent Agency

Meloff arrived in London, England, in 1999 with a master’s in public administration and no money. The recruiting agency she approached offered her a position within its office, and Meloff found she loved the business. She went on to work for agencies in several countries before becoming director of sales at in 2004, where she was responsible for luring job ads from big brands such as McDonald’s and Home Depot. She did so well that, in 2006, she was named salesperson of the year, becoming both the youngest person and the first woman to win the award.

Seeing a largely untapped niche in recruiting salespeople, she and a partner founded Sales Talent Agency in Toronto in September of 2007; she was pregnant at the time. Monster became her fi rst client. In its fi rst year, the agency billed almost $1 million, and has been growing at about 30% a year since. In recent years, rivals have multiplied within her niche, but Meloff is bullish. “I’ve told everyone I’m doing this, so failure’s not an option.”

On what drives her: “The competition.”


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