Some of what has been said about Canada Post's plan to cut delivery services

OTTAWA – Some of the reaction Wednesday to Canada Post’s decision to do away with urban door-to-door delivery and significantly increase the price of stamps.

“Canada Post has begun to post significant financial losses. If left unchecked, continued losses would soon jeopardize its financial self-sufficiency and become a significant burden on taxpayers and customers.” — From the Canada Post announcement.

“With this plan, Canada Post will be in a better position to be the essential enabler of remote trade and commerce that Canadians and Canadian businesses can count on for years to come.” — Canada Post announcement.

“Harper’s Conservatives can find millions to keep his well-connected friends in the Senate but he can’t find a way to keep mail coming to your door. That tells you what Conservative priorities are. These short-sighted service cuts will have the biggest impact on seniors and persons with disabilities.” — New Democrat MP Olivia Chow.

“In today’s digital age, Canadians are sending less mail than ever. I look forward to seeing progress as Canada Post rolls out its plan for an efficient, modern postal service that protects taxpayers and is equipped to meet Canadians’ needs now and in the future.” — Transport Minister Lisa Raitt.

“Introducing massive lettermail price hikes for residential and business consumers is not the way to rescue a failing government entity. These hikes will have a significant impact on many small businesses that use the mail to connect with customers or invoice and pay suppliers.” — Dan Kelly, president, Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

“Canada Post claims to be listening to Canadians, yet I’ve yet to hear anyone tell me that they no longer want letters delivered to their homes.” — Elizabeth May, leader of the Green party.