Shkreli wants to 'berate' Congress, but will take the Fifth

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Former pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli says he’d like to “berate” and “insult” Congress — but instead will take the Fifth Amendment during questioning on Thursday.

The former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO, who’s reviled for hiking the price of a lifesaving drug, spoke Tuesday on Fox Business.

Shkreli said that instead of invoking his right against self-incrimination, as planned, he would “love to talk to Congress.” He says he would “berate them” and “insult them.”

Meanwhile, his new lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, issued a statement expressing confidence that Shkreli will be exonerated in his federal court case. He’ll have a routine court appearance Wednesday in New York.

In December, the former hedge fund manager was charged with securities fraud and conspiracy related to another pharmaceutical company he previously ran, Retrophin.