Saskatchewan WCB to rebate $281 million surplus to eligible employers

REGINA – The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board has decided to distribute its previously announced surplus in two instalments in July and December.

Chairman Gordon Dobrowolsky says half of the more than $281-million surplus will be distributed to eligible employers in July and the remaining half at the end of the year.

At the WCB’s 2015 year end, the funded position was 144.7 per cent, which exceeds the target of 105 to 120 per cent.

Dobrowolsky says the increase was substantially due to investment income.

The move is being applauded by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

Spokeswoman Marilyn Braun-Pollon says while employers would have preferred an immediate rebate as opposed to two instalments, the federation commends them for going ahead with the rebate.

“Business owners tell us they will use their rebate cheque to further improve their safety training and safety awareness in their business,” noted Braun-Pollon. “From the restaurant in Estevan to the welding shop in Regina, these funds will help employers navigate a challenging economy.”

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce also welcomes the announcement.

“While companies will receive a wide range of rebate amounts, from $200 to millions of dollars, we encourage all businesses to reinvest this money back into their current and future safety plans,” said president Steve McLellan.