Report: Germany had twice as many EU migrants in 2015 as UK

BERLIN – Germany saw net migration from other European Union countries top 382,000 people last year.

The figure, reported Saturday by German daily Die Welt, is more than twice the number of EU migrants that came to Britain in 2015, which was the second most popular destination.

Reducing migration from other countries in the 28-member bloc was one of the main campaign points of those wanting Britain to leave the EU.

According to the newspaper, which cited figures from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, a total of 685,485 EU migrants entered Germany last year and 303,036 left.

About 175,000 Romanians migrated to Germany in 2015, followed by almost 148,000 Poles and nearly 72,000 Bulgarians.

Germany has 4.1 million residents from other EU countries, compared with 3.1 million in Britain.