Recalls this week include bicycles, diving equipment, amplifiers, and light bulbs

A line of bicycles with a potential foot injury hazard and potentially faulty diving equipment are among this week’s recalled products. Others include LED light bulbs and bass guitar amplifiers.


DETAILS: Mundo V4 cargo bikes. The word “Mundo” is on the top tube of the bicycle frame and “Yuba” is on the down tube. The serial number range for the recalled bikes is ADA11A008000 to ACA12D018000. The serial number is located on the kickstand plate. They were sold from May 2011 through Dec. 2012.

WHY: Passengers’ feet can get caught in the rear wheel, posing a foot injury.

INCIDENTS: Two reports of passengers having their feet caught in the rear wheel. No injuries reported.

HOW MANY: About 1,000.

FOR MORE: Call Yuba Bicycles at 877-889-9822 or visit , then click on “Mundo V4.0 recall” under Recall near the bottom of the page for more information.?


DETAILS: LED Light Bulbs imported by Lighting Science Group Corp. of Satellite Beach, Fla., and made by Citizen Electronics and Lighting Science Group of China. The 120-volt bulbs, sold as 6- or 8-watt bulbs (equivalent to 40 or 50 watts), were marketed under the brand names Definity, EcoSmart, Sylvania and Westinghouse. The model numbers A19, G25, and R20/PAR20 are found on the packaging and on the light-colored circular neck above the base of the bulb.

WHY: The bulbs can overheat during use, posing a fire hazard.

INCIDENTS: 68 incidents of product failures, eight of which were accompanied by smoke or fire. The incidents include damage to light sockets, melted fixtures, burned rugs/carpet/ floors, damage to a circuit and to a lamp. There have been no reports of personal injuries.

HOW MANY: About 554,000.

FOR MORE: Call Lighting Science Group 855-574-2533 or visit


DETAILS: Aqua Lung buoyancy compensators with SureLock II rubber handles attached to weight pockets, including the following models: Axiom, Axiom i3, Balance, Black Diamond, Dimension, Libra, Lotus, Pearl, Pearl i3, Pro LT, Pro QD, Pro QDi3, and Zuma buoyancy compensators. The SureLock II handles are grey rubber and measure about two inches tall by four inches wide. The buoyancy compensator’s model name is embroidered on the inside back pad or the weight pocket’s right lobe. “SureLock” is moulded into the back of the weight pocket. They were sold from Sept. 2008 through Sept. 2012.

WHY: The rubber handles can detach as divers are trying to remove the weight pockets to rise to the surface in an emergency, posing a drowning hazard.

INCIDENTS: 236 reports of handles detaching from the weight pockets. There are no reported injuries.

HOW MANY: About 110,000.

FOR MORE: Call Aqua Lung at 855-355-7170 or visit and click on Recall Notice for more information.


DETAILS: Magura MT 6 and MT 8 hydraulic disc brakes. They consist of a brake lever and master cylinder that attach to the handlebars, a hose that runs between the master cylinder, and the caliper which attaches to the rear wheel. The MT 6 brake system is black and silver. The MT 8 brake system is black and red. Both brake systems have the Magura logo and letters “MT” on the master cylinder, and the word “Magura” on the caliper. The word “Six” is on the brake lever of the MT 6 and the word “Eight” is on the brake lever of the MT 8. MT 6 and MT 8 brake systems with manufacture date codes between March 1, 2011 and May 31, 2012 are being recalled. A date code in format Y/MM/DD between 10301 and 20531 is located on the caliper. Additionally, all MT 6 and MT 8 brake systems without date codes are being recalled. They were sold between Jan. 2011 and March 2013.

WHY: The brakes can fail in low temperatures, posing a collision hazard.

INCIDENTS: None reported.

HOW MANY: About 2,800.

FOR MORE: Call Magura USA at 800-448-3876 or visit and click on “Recall Information.”


DETAILS: The recall involves tc electronic 250 W bass guitar amplifiers with model BH250 and serial numbers 1204763 through 12404375. The model and “tc electronic” are printed on the front of the amplifier. The serial number is located on a white sticker on the back of the amplifier. They were sold from Aug. 2012 through Jan. 2013.

WHY: A nut inside the chassis can come loose and fall between the electrical coils, posing an electrical shock hazard.

INCIDENTS: None reported.

HOW MANY: About 388.

FOR MORE: Call tc electronic at 800-349-4699 or visit and click on BASS at the top of the page then on BH250 and select BH250 RECALL for more information. Consumers can also send an email to BH250(at)