Quebec shared concerns with feds over tax proposals, right from the start

NEW YORK _ Quebec Finance Minister Carlos Leitao says his province raised some concerns with the federal government over its proposed tax reforms right from the start.

Leitao tells The Canadian Press that he agrees with the overall direction of the tax proposals, which Ottawa argues are designed to inject more fairness for the so-called middle class into the system.

But he worries about the impact the changes could have on the agricultural sector, particularly when it comes to how they might complicate the transfer of farms from one family member to another.

Leitao says he hopes Ottawa will adjust its tax plan, which is still in the consultation stage.

The Trudeau government has signalled it is open to changing the tax proposals, which it insists would end tax advantages unfairly exploited by some wealthy business owners.

But several provinces have expressed concerns about the plan, which has also been met by vocal opposition from some small business owners, the tech sector and doctors.