President: Poland should aim at euro-readiness in 2015 and then decide whether to join

WARSAW, Poland – Poland’s president says he would like Poland to meet criteria to join the group of European Union countries that use the euro by 2015 and then decide whether to adopt the single currency.

President Bronislaw Komorowski said Tuesday the effort to meet criteria for the EU’s common currency would boost Poland’s economy and make it competitive. He spoke at his special meeting with the Cabinet of Prime Minister Donald Tusk, devoted to Poland’s timetable for joining the euro.

Trying to set the adoption date now would be “political hocus-pocus,” Komorowski said.

Tusk said it was in Poland’s interest to meet the criteria soon and participate in the process of European integration, driven by the common currency.

EU member since 2004, Poland still uses its local currency, the zloty.