Poilievre demands Liberals take the lid off the ‘carbon tax cover up’

OTTAWA _ Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre plans to press Bill Morneau for a better explanation of the impact of the federal government’s carbon pricing plan when the finance minister takes the hot seat tonight in the House of Commons.

Morneau is one of two ministers chosen by the Conservatives for a special once-a-year extended Q-and-A session, a four-hour marathon beginning at 8 p.m. ET.

Poilievre has been demanding for months to see the government’s analysis of what its $50-a-tonne carbon price will cost Canadians _ information he says the Liberals refuse to share.

Poilievre used today’s question period as a warm-up act for tonight’s meeting, arguing that the Liberals are engaged in what he calls a “carbon tax cover-up” that will make life more expensive for everyone.

The Conservatives say getting rid of the carbon price is the first thing they will do if they win the 2019 election.

Poilievre also plans to push Morneau further on the government’s plan to cover cost overruns on the Trans Mountain pipeline if they are caused by political interference and delays.