Parking, meeting fees to increase at state airports in Anchorage and Fairbanks starting Jan. 1

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Parking a car at the largest state airports in Anchorage and Fairbanks will cost more next year.

Parking and other fees are increasing Jan. 1 to bring in more revenue, the Anchorage Daily News reported ( ).

“The cost of operating the airport continues to go up, as fuel prices and de-icing chemicals and labour prices go up,” said John Parrott, general manager at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

Most hourly parking rates at the garage and two main lots in Anchorage will increase from 50 cents to $1, according to a notice from the airport.

The weekly maximum in the domestic terminal parking garage will increase from $90 to $96.

Parking in the international terminal lot will rise from $74 to a maximum of $78 a week.

Free parking for the first 30 minutes in an airport lot will not change. Some other hourly fees will stay the same. Parking for one to two hours in the domestic parking garage will remain unchanged at $6.

The rate increases in Anchorage and Fairbanks are projected to bring in $750,000 to $1 million.

Fees for taxis and limousines will increase from $50 to $75 annually. In Anchorage, a tour bus fee will increase from $100 annually to $150.

“While I don’t discount that those who perform those functions and operate these vehicles are going to see that the rates have gone up, and that’s money out of someone’s pocket, we do believe that these are fair and equitable increases,” Parrott said.

The airport for years has received requests for special events such as conferences and will introduce a rate schedule.

“We wanted to establish some fees that would allow us to accommodate that demand,” Parrott said. The rates will be calculated after a review of other airports and other Anchorage venues.

A two-day conference for airport tenants is proposed to cost $500. Others would pay $1,000.

Events lasting three to seven days are proposed to cost $750 for tenants and $1,500 for others.

Nonprofits organizations requesting space for events that provide mission-related services but do not raise money will be offered space for free. Non-profit organizations holding fundraisers will be charged.

The Alaska International Airport System is taking public comments on proposed changes until Dec. 31.


Information from: Anchorage (Alaska) Daily News,