Ontario's minimum wage will rise to $11.40 an hour starting Oct. 1

TORONTO – Ontario’s minimum wage will increase from $11.25 an hour to $11.40 an hour starting Oct. 1.

The minimum wage for liquor servers will increase by 10 cents to $9.90 an hour in the fall.

The minimum wage for students under 18 working less than 28 hours a week will increase to $10.70 per hour from $10.55 at the same time.

People who work in their own homes for an employer will see their minimum wage increase from $12.40 to $12.55 an hour.

The province announces the new minimum wage before April 1 each year to give businesses time to adjust before it takes effect six months later.

The government passed legislation in 2014 to tie annual increases in the minimum wage to the rate of inflation for Ontario.