Ontario gives municipalities $333 million from gas tax to fund public transit

TORONTO – The province is giving 95 Ontario municipalities a total of $332.9 million this year for public transit projects, an increase of $11.4 million from last year.

Ontario generates about $2.4 billion a year from its 14.7 cents-a-litre tax on gasoline, and gives two-cents-a-litre to cities and towns to expand public transit.

The government says the funding leads to more riders on improved public transit systems, and also helps ease traffic congestion and reduce pollution by getting more people out of their cars.

Almost half this year’s funding — $169 million — will go to Toronto, with another $50 million going to nearby Mississauga, Brampton, York and Durham regions.

Ottawa gets $34.7 million of the gas tax money, Hamilton $10.7 million, Waterloo $10.3, London $9.7 million, Windsor $3.5 million and St. Catharines $2.6 million.

The Liberal government says every $100 million of public infrastructure investment boosts Ontario’s gross domestic product by $114 million.

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