Online ads tell Rogers customers they have lost 'The Walking Dead' show on AMC

TORONTO – Ongoing negotiations over a new distribution deal between U.S.-based channel AMC and media giant Rogers Communications are heating up.

Some Rogers (TSX:RCI.B) customers reported late Wednesday that online banner advertisements had informed them that they have “lost” the popular television show, “The Walking Dead” on their channel lineup.

The somewhat confusing ads — AMC was still being carried by Rogers as of Wednesday night — seem to be only displayed to customers with Rogers IP addresses.

The advertisements, which show big block letters, read: “Rogers Customers You Have Lost The Walking Dead” or “Rogers Customers You May Lose The Walking Dead,” depending on which version displays.

Both ads encourage Rogers customers to go to a website or call 866-Keep-AMC for more information.

A spokeswoman with Rogers said that the company has no plans to pull the channel, despite the online campaign by AMC.

Earlier this week, AMC warned some Canadian television fans that they were at risk of losing shows like “The Walking Dead” — which airs Sunday — “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men” if an agreement is not reached with Rogers by Thursday at 11:59 p.m.

A spokeswoman for AMC declined to say what the channel’s plans were if talks break down before a new deal could be reached. She did not respond to further requests for comment on the advertisements.

The channel has set up a website ( titled “Rogers Customers: You Are About to Lose” urging fans to email and call Rogers to save AMC in Canada.

The negotiations are only in relation to Rogers, and customers with other television providers were not expected to be affected.