Nova Scotia fines Northern Pulp mill about $700 for failing stack test

HALIFAX _ A pulp mill in Nova Scotia’s Pictou County has been fined about $700 by the province for failing a stack test in June.

Environment Minister Iain Rankin says Northern Pulp received the $697.50 summary offence ticket for failing to comply with the terms of its industrial approval.

Rankin says he’s issued a ministerial order requiring the mill to address the issues with its power boiler.

The mill’s industrial approval requires it to operate within a measure of 150 milligrams per referenced cubic metre of particulate matter when stacks are tested, and the test showed the power boiler tested at 224 milligrams.

Under the order, the company will also be required to post stack test results on its web site.

The Northern Pulp mill is to undergo a scheduled shutdown this month and the order requires it to provide detailed reports about planned maintenance and how it plans to bring the power boiler into compliance.