Newfoundland and Labrador premier to discuss CETA fishery dispute with Harper

ST. JOHN’S, N.L. – Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Paul Davis will meet with Stephen Harper on Friday to talk about a dispute over the free trade deal with the European Union.

The Prime Minister’s Office confirmed they’ll meet in Ottawa to discuss a fishery fund linked to the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.

Davis says federal negotiators agreed to a joint $400-million fund of which Ottawa would pay $280 million.

He says the cash was in exchange for the province giving up minimum processing rules under CETA that helped protect fish plant jobs.

The federal government says it only agreed to provide up to $280 million to compensate for actual losses — not give the province an unfair advantage.

Davis says he’ll reconsider his province’s support for CETA if the dispute can’t be worked out.