New UK newspaper to launch despite declining readership

LONDON – A British publisher said Monday it is launching the country’s first new national paper in 30 years — a move that appears counter to the prevailing tide of declining newspaper sales in a more online world.

Trinity Mirror said there was still an appetite for printed news, and that The New Day, as it will be known, will stand out from other British newspapers because it will be politically neutral and without an op-ed column.

It will be a stand-alone paper independent of The Daily Mirror, one of the country’s top selling tabloids, the company added.

Alison Phillips, who will edit the paper, said “we will just tell the story straight” because readers do not want to be told what they should think. She also said that the paper will provide readers with a “ruthless edit of the day.”

“Most people, and we have spoken to thousands of readers over the last year or so, they only want 30 minutes, they only have 30 minutes, everyone is time-poor nowadays,” she said.

The paper will hit newsstands next week. It will have a presence on social media, but will not have a website.

Earlier this month, the Independent newspaper, founded in 1986, said it would publish its final print edition in March and that it is changing to a digital-only format. Like other papers it had seen its circulation drop drastically and distributed fewer than 60,000 copies a day.


This story has been corrected to show that Independent paper publishing final print edition in March, not February.