Morneau to testify at committee about Liberals' controversial tax proposals

OTTAWA _ A parliamentary committee exploring the federal government’s controversial tax proposals will hear today from Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

The House of Commons finance committee is hearing from witnesses as it studies a package of proposed tax changes to private corporations that have attracted waves of criticism directed at the Trudeau government.

Opponents of the reforms insist the changes would hurt Canadians at different income levels and from many different sectors _ from small business owners, to farmers, to doctors.

The Liberal government has been engaged in a communications war over its plan, which it insists would end tax advantages unfairly exploited by some wealthy business owners.

Morneau argues the proposals are designed to create a fairer tax system, particularly for those in the so-called middle class _ but he says he’s open to adjusting it after a consultation period ends next week.

Critics of the plan say it would hurt entrepreneurs who take personal financial risks when they decide to open a business and hire staff.

They also warn the changes would pile on extra costs for some business owners, such as farmers, who want to keep their operations in their families by transferring them to their children.