Mining company linked to foreign-worker controversy to restart B.C. exploration

VANCOUVER – A mining company linked to a controversy over the use of temporary-foreign workers in northeastern B.C. says it will restart exploratory work early next week.

Canadian Dehua International Mines Group Inc. announced at the end of November that it was winding down exploratory work at its Wapiti River coal project near Tumbler Ridge, B.C.

The company also has a minor stake in the nearby Murray River mine, an operation proposed by HD Mining that’s come under fire over plans to hire temporary Chinese workers.

But Dehua says it will restart its exploratory work at Wapiti River Jan. 7, citing a ruling by a federal court judge that tossed out an application by two unions to stop HD Mining from brining more temporary workers to Canada.

The company says its investors have expressed confidence in the Canadian legal system and have been persuaded the investment climate is still favourable.

Dehua says it plans to operate nine drill rigs as part of the exploratory work and is asking its contractors to be ready so the project can resume on schedule.