Miller Brewing to terminate Canadian licensing agreement with Molson Coors

TORONTO – Miller Brewing Company says it’s aiming to end its Canadian licensing agreement with Molson Coors Canada this summer.

The agreement covers such well-known brands as Millers Genuine Draft, Miller Lite and Miller High Life.

Miller’s managing director for Canada, Paul Gurr, says there’s an opportunity to grow its brands in Canada.

“We see Canada as a country with a rich tradition of beer appreciation and believe we can better serve Canadians needs through this transition,” Gurr said in a statement.

Molson Coors Canada has filed a suit in Ontario to prevent the move but Miller says it gave the required six-month notification in January and it expects the termination to take effect on July 22.

Molson said it plans on “strongly defending our rights to market and sell” Miller brands in Canada.

“Molson Coors Canada represents a number of import brands and is proud of the success Miller brands have achieved in Canada under our stewardship for the past 20 years,” said Peter Nowlan, chief commercial officer for Molson Coors Canada in a statement.

Miller Brewing Co. is a subsidiary of SABMiller PLC, a multinational with its headquarters in the United Kingdom.