Mayors’ Super Bowl wager prompts NM to back up reputation as the ‘Green Chile State’

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A friendly Super Bowl bet between the Seattle and Denver mayors is causing a stir in New Mexico.

If the Seahawks win, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has wagered a few things he says are indicative of his city. Among them: handmade skis, a hoodie and a sampling of Denver’s “amazing green chile.”

Chile from the Mile High City?

The question has fired up New Mexicans, who turned to social media to extol New Mexico’s long history with the hot peppers.

After all, chile is the state vegetable and the basis of the official state question — “Red or green?” Laws have even been passed to protect its spicy reputation.

New Mexico officials are hoping to set the record straight by getting green-chile care packages ready for both mayors.

Hancock spokeswoman Amber Miller says the mayor wasn’t aware of the stir and that the green chile culture is alive and well in Denver.