Kamloops Daily News presses to go silent Saturday after 80 years of publication

KAMLOOPS, B.C. – The last edition of the Kamloops Daily News will roll off the presses on Saturday, days after the paper announced it had given employees two months’ notice.

Rob Munro, spokesman for Unifor, Local 2000, says it’s best for everyone to cease operations quickly so people don’t have to work in a demoralizing environment.

Publisher Tim Shoults has said he’s saddened about the closure but that it was necessary because of declining revenues and a failure to sufficiently cut costs.

The paper, which has a circulation of nearly 27,000, announced Monday that it would cease publication after 80 years and that 55 part- and full-time employees would lose their jobs.

The closure comes three months after parent company Glacier Media (TSX:GVC) decided to contract out ad production to India and the Philippines for several B.C. newspapers.

The Kamloops Daily News has been the only daily paper in the city. (CHNL)