Jury at UK hacking trial shown evidence News of the World editor Brooks had phone hacked

LONDON – A jury at Britain’s phone hacking trial has heard evidence that former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks — one of the accused — was herself the victim of hacking.

The jury was shown an entry headed “Rebekah Wade” — Brooks’ maiden name — along with a phone number and other details in the notebooks of private investigator Glenn Mulcaire. Mulcaire has admitted hacking phones for the tabloid newspaper.

It’s not clear why Mulcaire targeted Brooks, or when.

A police officer confirmed Thursday that Brooks was informed in 2011 that her details appeared on a list of hacking targets. She was initially asked about being a prosecution witness, but was later arrested,

She, former editor Andy Coulson and six others are on trial on hacking-related charges, which they deny.