Reputation around the globe

The Brits are wild for a vacuum maker while the French adore their famous tire company. Here is how some of the world's leading corporations scored in their home markets.

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The Brits are wild for a vacuum maker while the French adore their famous tire company. Here is how some of the world’s leading corporations scored in their home markets.

Rolls-Royce Aerospace (U.K.)
SCORE: 86.89
Despite negative media over a high-profile jet engine explosion, Rolls-Royce tops U.K. rankings as consumers gave it the benefit of the doubt during crisis

Volkswagen (GERMANY)
SCORE: 84.84
The automaker made substantial strides, both in reputation and financial performance, to top all German brands, outranking BMW, Mercedes and Audi

Dyson (U.K.)
SCORE: 84.40
A perennial Top 10 member (at No. 2 this year), the vacuum maker scored high across all categories, including innovation and community contribution

Virgin Atlantic (U.K.)
SCORE: 83.03
The airline’s friendly image and popularity with consumers put it 11 spots above its more diverse parent Virgin Group on the U.K. list (U.S.A.)
SCORE: 82.70
The company’s ability to personalize an experience and build a bond with consumers produced an almost six-point jump to the top spot in the U.S

Johnson & Johnson (U.S.A.)
SCORE: 81.32
Despite several product recalls and management transparency issues last year, J&J’s 125 years as a highly respected company helped hold up its score

3M (U.S.A.)
SCORE: 81.00
While most of 3M’s business is B2B, popular consumer brands like Post-it notes and Scotch tape provide an innovation halo for the entire company

Michelin (FRANCE)
SCORE: 79.34
The tire company is the most reputable company in France, in part taking advantage of French consumers’ tendency to score home-grown brands well

Haier Group (CHINA)
SCORE: 77.62
The electronics maker is known in China for quality products, and made substantial moves to improve transparency, a surprise given its past government ties

Coca-Cola (U.S.A.)
SCORE: 75.85
Like its rival Pepsi, whose score is similar, Coke’s rating dropped last year, despite efforts to boost its corporate reputation through various PR initiatives

SCORE: 74.42

Yellow Pages (Canada)
SCORE: 73.37

Unilever (U.K.)
SCORE: 73.18
Essentially a holding company for numerous consumer brands, Unilever has been raising its public visibility by attaching its own logo to marketing efforts

Apple (U.S.A.)
SCORE: 72.89
Consumers like the brand and love the products, but Apple is much weaker on transparency and overall corporate reputation, putting it at No. 46 in the U.S.

Air Canada (Canada)
SCORE: 63.17

CIBC (Canada)
SCORE: 59.39

Telus (Canada)
SCORE 56.29

The Brick (Canada)
SCORE: 54.11