Humane Society alleges bird mistreatment at egg supplier; farm says it's victim of activist

PHILADELPHIA – The Humane Society of the United States has released undercover footage it says shows the mistreatment of birds and unsanitary conditions at a Pennsylvania egg supplier.

The video was shot at Hillandale Farms in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The Humane Society said its customers include retail giant Costco.

Footage shows hens caged with dead, decaying and mummified birds. It shows cages packed so tightly that some birds get their legs stuck in the wire.

Family-run Hillandale said Tuesday its standards were compromised by an activist, hired as an employee, who disregarded farm procedures. The company says it was his job to address the type of issues shown in the video he shot.

Hillandale says independent experts have reviewed its operations and concluded the images reflected an isolated incident.

Costco had no immediate comment.