Highlights of 2013 federal budget brought down Thursday

OTTAWA – Highlights from the federal budget tabled Thursday by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty:

— Revenues for 2013-14 forecast at $263.9 billion, spending at $282.6 billion, deficit at $18.7 billion.

— Deficit projected to drop to $6.6 billion in 2014-15 and become an $800-million surplus in 2015-16.

— Canada Job Grant program will be negotiated with provinces by next year to replace existing $500-million labour market agreements.

— Measures will be introduced to improve skills training for the disabled.

— New programs will promote apprenticeship.

— Two-year extension of an accelerated capital cost allowance to help manufacturers.

— Infrastructure spending of $47 billion over 10 years, starting next year.

— An improved tax break for families adopting children.

— $100 million over two years to support housing construction in Nunavut.

— Special tax break for first-time charitable donations to encourage young people to give.

— End to tariffs on baby clothes and sports gear, including skates, hockey sticks, skis and golf clubs.

— Canadian International Development Agency to be merged with Foreign Affairs.