Great-sounding offer really is too good to be true: B.C. Securities Commission

VANCOUVER – The B.C. Securities Commission is warning potential investors about companies associated with a man who is offering economically impossible returns.

The commission says Daniel Fernandez Rojo Filho claims to operate out of Vancouver and Orlando, Fla., and is hosting seminars on the purported investments of DFRF.

It says Filho is offering investments with returns of up to 15 per cent a month and promising that DFRF will soon be listed on a public stock exchange, after which investments will triple within 30 days.

The securities regulator says that’s impossible and it’s illegal to say securities will be listed on an exchange without certain conditions being met.

It says Filho also claims to be managing $144 billion in assets, that the company is extracting 10 tonnes of gold every month in Mali, Africa, and that a quarter of the profits are donated to humanitarian causes.

Anyone who has been approached about any investment claims involving Filho’s companies is being urged to contact the securities commission.