Forgetting to take your medicine? Smartphone apps help patients remember and track doses

Several smartphone apps are available to help patients take their medications as prescribed. Here’s a sampling of several free apps, noting some of their special features:

1. MedCoach. Includes feature to connect to your pharmacy to order refills.

2. RxmindMe. From Walgreens. Offers the ability to easily export prescription information.

3. Pill Monitor. Enables you email a log of prescriptions taken.

4. Care4Today. From a unit of Johnson & Johnson. It includes options to monitor the medication use of loved ones and to donate to a charity each day you take all medicine on time.

5. Med Helper. Enables you to export results to doctors, nurses and caregivers.

6. Pill Reminder. From the website. Enables users to set up accounts for multiple family members.

7. Medisafe. Supports Spanish, French, German, Russian and Danish languages, as well as English.

If you don’t have a smartphone, there are services to just get reminders:

1. Sends automated calls or texts to a cellphone or landline for free.

2. VSReminder, at Sends free text or email reminders, for medication use and events, and supports 130 cellphone service providers.

3. Sends reminders via text, phone call or email. Charges a small fee.