Father of victim to join FBI fight to hack shooter’s iPhone

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – A relative says the father of a woman killed in the San Bernardino terror attack has agreed to support the U.S. government’s push to require Apple Inc. to help the FBI hack into a locked iPhone involved in the investigation.

George Velasco said Monday that his brother, Robert Velasco, has agreed to be named in an upcoming legal filing supporting the government’s position.

Apple has resisted the push, citing privacy concerns.

Robert Velasco is the father of 27-year-old Yvette Velasco, one of 14 people killed in the Dec. 2 attack in California.

The Velasco family says in a statement that the cellphone could contain critical information and the issue is potentially a matter of national security.

Los Angeles attorney Stephen Larson says he plans to file a brief on behalf of several families of victims and other employees in the shootings.