Environmental society urges Saskatchewan to reduce more greenhouse gas emissions

SASKATOON – The Saskatchewan Environmental Society says the province needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and should phase out coal-fired power plants.

The society also says the government must plan to reduce emissions in all sectors of the economy, not just in the electricity generation industry.

It says the only coal-fired plant should be the one that captures carbon emissions in Estevan.

The group suggests financial incentives for people to buy hybrid vehicles or for installing solar panels.

It says the government’s announcement last month about expanding wind power and moving forward with solar and biomass installations is a good step.

The environmental society suggests Saskatchewan should follow British Columbia’s lead by introducing a revenue-neutral carbon tax aimed to encourage energy efficiency and discourage consumption of fossil fuels.

“Saskatchewan needs to develop a strategy to accomplish an orderly transition to a low-carbon economy,” said Ann Coxworth, society researcher and board member.

Saskatchewan’s per capita greenhouse gas emissions are nine times the global average and triple the Canadian average.