Don’t have the $15,000 to stay at Dubai’s Burj Al Arab? New virtual tour offers online glimpse

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – If you don’t have an extra $15,000 or so to spend on a night in a royal suite at Dubai’s luxury Burj Al Arab hotel, there’s now an online tour that offers a free virtual glimpse of its extravagance.

The hotel, known for its distinctive sail design and lavish interiors, partnered with Google to provide videos and a 3-D online tour of its lobby, suite, helipad, bar, spa and restaurants.

The two-story royal suite depicted in the tour includes a marble staircase with a cheetah-print carpet, a rotating canopy bed, all in bright reds and yellows, and much more.

The tour notes that “the master bedroom features a generous dressing room, which is larger than the average hotel room.”



Burj Al Arab virtual tour: